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I'm looking forward to working with you! Here is a lot of information you may need for your upcoming session!

One of the best ways to dress your family is to choose a color. This is your starting point. From there, make sure that each person's outfit has this one color in it somewhere. Everything else can be unique! Incorporating this one color will unify your looks in photos.


"We sure did dress up today! We so fancy!"
For this option, go a little fancier than you usually would! Ladies: wear a pretty dress, or even sequins if you're up for it. Get the guys in a shirt + tie. Put the kids in their Sunday best.

"Yes! We ditched the yoga pants and play clothes!"
This option is not quite as dressed up, but you'll still look put together. This is a great way to utilize the One Color Rule. Ladies: sundresses look great. Have the guys in a casual button down, or short sleeve chambray. Put the kiddos in something comfortable, yet without logos.
  • No large logos - they're distracting.
  • Wear clothes you are OK with getting dirty.
  • Choose a chunky heel - thin heels sink into the grass
  • Style the kiddos hair nicely
  • A little more makeup than usual helps it to show in photos
Eat before you come.
Pee before you come.
Tell the kids it'll be fun and I'm not scary :)
804 Achortown Road, Beaver Falls PA 15010

The road is currently only open from one side - Park Road entry (not accessible from Bradys Run Road)

The house is immediately after the 25mph street sign when you turn onto Achortown from Park. The driveway is split - go toward the 804 side.
Park in the lower driveway in front of the house.
We will walk around the property with your family for a variety of looks. There is a weeping willow tree, long wooded path, open field, and lovely greenery.

During the session, we will let the kids play a bit, and after the session they can swing on our swing set if they want to (it's right out in the open - they won't miss it and they'll probably want to get on it. It's large!)
For maternity photos, wear something that makes you feel cute! We will get images of just mom, mom + dad, and include any other kids in photos. These are approached the same way - we will go to a variety of vignettes around the property for different looks!
You may bring family pets with you. We do not have any pets, so you don't need to worry about them coming in contact with other animals at the property.

I do ask that you bring a leash to tie up your pet when we are not including them in photos, or bring another friend/family member to watch them. Please clean up after your pets.

Please do not bring pets close to family or children that are not your own. Thank you for understanding!

PS though: I really love dogs. Please bring your dog here for me to photograph. They're a part of your family, too!
At this time, all images will be delivered with full gallery delivery.
2-3 weeks after your session
This is a tricky spot, right?! I've had so many times when my kids are not cooperating and I want to get good photos of them. In this case, please try not to get overwhelmed with their reactions to photography. I will do my best to build rapport with them and capture them as they are - that day. Let's remember that kids have ups and downs, and we are photographing them exactly how they are at this precious time in their lives!
I can, but not always. A successful head swap in editing really depends on having other great options to choose from with similar lighting and background. When I am editing, if I can pull a head swap for a photo where everyone is looking at the camera, I will do so.

Additional editing post gallery-delivery is subject to a $60/hr editing rate for a custom Photoshop editor.
Only if you let me ;) I'm not above bribery.
Yes! Your gallery will include high-resolution, non-watermarked images. Please be kind and provide photo credit when sharing on social media.

Instagram: @leeannmarieg
Facebook: Leeann Marie Photography
Make sure you're checking the weather forecast for Chippewa Township / Beaver Falls PA. If the weather looks unstable, we can reschedule. It's best to make this call the day prior to the session if possible, since Pennsylvania weather is typically unreliable.